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I'm Danielle! Thank you for following my families adventures and looking forward to getting to know all of you one mile at a time. 

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Bergans of Norway

I'm not going to lie, the main thing I originally looked for when looking at packs was something that wasn't blue and manly, which is surprisingly hard. All the high performance packs had amazing functionality, but not a very feminine feel to them. Of course, after day four of hiking through the woods, I really stop caring what I look like, but I like to have a little flare while it counts!

Ladies, meet Bergans of Norway! This Rondane 65 L pack is a lightweight pack is weighing it at only 3lb, but most importantly gives us a little sass on the trail! One thing I required when looking at packs was a full zipable front. This helps you to unload things needed without having to unpack all of your belongings to get that spork you accidentally packed at the bottom. Bergans created a fully functional and comfortable pack that cost right around $200.00.

Putting it to the test: Although the straps seemed to be a little more "fragile", this bag held up to all my standards. I previously was using my husband's pack, which I should add was made for a 6'2 male.

So to close my first blog post...ever... This bag is totally worth the splurge for all those lady backpackers out there!

Back Country Momma

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