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I'm Danielle! Thank you for following my families adventures and looking forward to getting to know all of you one mile at a time. 

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The Great Baby Carrier Debate

When Casey and I found out we were expecting little Patrick, we were beyond excited to start shopping for baby toys. We showed up at Babies R Us with our What to Expect When You're Expecting book's checklist on must haves when baby arrives. Not to my surprise, Casey booked it over to the baby carrier section :) We figured we needed something with the best comfort for him for long hikes, that is lightweight and thin so he wouldn't get hot. So, we decided on three types, Ergo Baby Original with Marine Pattern, Navy Boba Wrap, and Chicco Ultrasoft Baby Carrier. After he arrived we had months of trial and error with these carriers, so let me break it down one-by-one:

Ergo Baby Original: This carrier is extremely complicated for newborns, but is the most durable. I didn't start using this until Patrick was about 2 months and could lift his head up. They offer the infant inserts for their carriers, which to get him into a carrier wasn't hard enough, try putting him in a little belt like support system and then putting him in the Ergo! With that said, this is now my favorite carrier for him at 2+ months. It is lightweight material with the ability to carry him on my front/back with a sun shade to cover his head. He seems to be more comfortable in the Ergo than the other carriers due to the freedom it offers him. For distances and hiking the Ergo was difficult because of the thick straps on the shoulders and being able to carry a pack on top of those straps. Also, it is hard for him to sleep while hiking in this because the lack of head support. For short walks and baby wearing around the house, Ergo is the most comfortable option. Price range: $100-155;

Chicco Ultrasoft Baby Carrier: I don't have many negatives regarding the Chicco! Pretty much the only downfall is that he grew out of it too fast, his legs started rubbing on the inserts and no sun shade. When Patrick was born this was the best option for our walks. It had great head support and also had a burp cloth clip in for those unexpected moments of pure joy. The sides are a mesh material allowing circulation of air, helping him not to overheat. For longer hikes this carrier was the best option because of the ability for him to fall asleep and lean his head back on the rest and for keeping the little one cool. Price Range: $60-75; and

Boba Wrap: For all those baby wearing moms out there, the Boba takes the cake! The first month and a half of Patrick's life he was impossible to get to sleep. The Boba Wrap saved us in so many times of sleep depravation . It gives infants the same feeling as being in the womb and to be snuggled up to mommy. This wrap is also a great option for the breastfeeding superstars out there for when you're out and about and need a little privacy. The wrap allows you to discreetly feed and not have to unwrap in the process. This wrap has several different ways of snuggling your little one for all stages of childhood. My downfall with the Boba is how hot it made Patrick. There is not a single bit of ventilation other than at your chest where their head is. For this reason, we avoided using this wrap for walks/hikes because of overheating. This was my favorite option for the daily mommy chores. Price Range: $40-60.

I couldn't live without any of these three packs. Each one has saved this mommy some time and tears. For those outdoors mommies looking for the best hiking solution, I really think it is based off of what stage your baby is at.

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