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I'm Danielle! Thank you for following my families adventures and looking forward to getting to know all of you one mile at a time. 

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Yoga for Core Strength

While out on the trail, it is important to keep your core engaged to help keep you balanced and strong through your hiking adventure. Yoga can help build up the proper muscles for backpacking and also keep you limber to avoid injury while out as well. These poses will help you hit the trail with confidence! We teamed up with Aurorae Yoga to bring you the perfect 15 minute core strength flow.

*See full video of demonstration of poses at end of post*

Tabletop to Cat/Cow: Keeping core engaged in tabletop, knees hip width apart, hands stacked under shoulders and flat back. Begin to engage shoulders and inhale as you round your back into Cat Pose, and exhale, release your back into cow pose, head in line with spine.

Chair Pose: Core is engaged, feet stacked under hips with knees bent, hand reaching towards sky and head aligned with spine. This pose is a great balance pose and also strengthening pose for your calves, core, and shoulders.

Plank variations: Core engaged, shifting weight to your hands, lower to elbows and forearms and back up into plank.

Three-Legged Downward Dog variation: From Down Dog, keep hips aligned to mat and shift weight forward bringing knee to elbow. For a more complex variation, lower into a three-legged push up.

Boat Pose variation: Core engaged, knees bent or extended, adding a twist and alternating side to side. This will work and burn every muscle between your hips and shoulders!

Thank you to our sponsor for this post, Aurorae Yoga, for providing us with our yoga mat and bag, which you can find here. To enter in our giveaway, please see our Instagram here, for rules and entry instructions.

An already feeling the burn,

Back Country Momma

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